Krypton International is a Lisbon-based production company that offers a full range of film and photo production services. Taking advantage of the know how of it’s sister company (Krypton Films) with over 25 years of experience, Krypton International prides itself in working with creative people from all around the world who share our passion for filmmaking.

Portugal offers a great variety of landscapes and sceneries from dreamy beaches, magical forests and beautiful meadows to modern cities and historical locations. The variety of locations close from each other and the great weather all year round mean you’ll have the perfect shooting experience here. With world-class technicians and facilities, we work as a multidisciplinary platform to provide top of the game production services.

So, take a look at some of our recent projects, dive in our location library and do drop us a line:


Telma Alfredo

Telma Alfredo is the Executive Producer at Krypton International. She was born in Lisbon in the year of 1977 and quickly became passionate about the film industry and creating amazing content. Following her degree in Communication Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa she started working in the television industry at Valentim de Carvalho, a renowned television production company in Portugal, collaborating in some of the most disruptive and innovative tv-shows in the country. In 2003 a new opportunity emerged and Telma dived into the fabulous world of Advertising film production. After many films and two amazing daughters, Telma is now the head of service production at Krypton, having developed from scratch the International department. She is known for her perfectionism, certain doses of persistence and full dedication. Telma has worked with clients such as Apple, Nivea, Belvita, Dr. Oetker, Vodafone and even the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.