Clube do Bacalhau



It’s a tapas restaurant, a bar, café, gallery and cultural association.
The tables spread around the large space, split into two levels with high arched brick ceilings, serves as a meeting point for a cup of coffee or for a meal. And each meal is very Portuguese, with a variety of cod options to share. The inspiration came from Rua do Arsenal, a street just around the corner, known for its cod shops. But there is also cheese and cold cuts from around Portugal.
The space was once a boat motor repair shop, and some traces of that time can still be seen in the décor, like the stone floor and a metal crane at the entrance. Another relic, this one even older, is a well found on a corner of the lower level. Much of the furniture is from an old school, from the cabinets to the tables and chairs.
This was also previously a rock music bar, and there is still a stage for concerts, poetry readings and workshops.

Travessa do Cotovelo, 12 – Cais do Sodré
Tel. 213 420 737
Source: LisbonLUX