A Praça

Eat, Nearby our Office


Place 1,8Km from our office!

This restaurant at Lx Factory promises a relaxed atmosphere and a diverse menu. For lunch and dinner it offers dishes ranging from Italian pasta to Portuguese “petiscos” (tapas), to the house specialty — steak with pesto sauce.
It’s also meant to be a meeting point for snacks in the afternoon, always using fresh produce from the local markets.
The décor is retro/vintage, with a display of the fresh produce used in the kitchen. To help you relax, there’s chill-out music and a bar service mixing cocktails and gin.

Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, Edifício H (Lx Factory) – Alcântara
Tel: 210 991 792 | www.restauranteapraca.com
Source: LisbonLUX